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fxcatch Forex robot

Make over 70% ROI daily.become a millionaire in a matter of weeks

Fxcatch Robot

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Fxcatch Robot gets you at least 70% return on investment (Roi) daily.

Tested and Proven

Become a millionaire in a matter of weeks Fxcatch Forex Robot.

The Fxcatch Robot is a forex trading robot design to trade on all meta4 plate form. It can be used both on real and demo account respectively. This forex robot is professionally designed with special abilities, which makes it powerful enough to withstand the risk in forex, and maintains a consistence and continues process of profit making or increase turnover.The robot will give you at least 70% profit on your investment daily . It trade only when the market is trending. This robot will rather close a position with a profit of  one point than to loose in a trade. This is no joke it is tested and proven. It target and closes at any possible profit level whenever it detect strong reversals. I do not mean that this robot does not loose at all, but no matter how a day goes, it always close with a good return on investment. It makes more than a 100% profit on a very good days. This Robot will make you a millionaire in a matter of weeks. For so many years I have been in Forex, I had days I lost and days I won. Developing this system was through my long accumulated knowledge in forex trading now am trading as an expert. I count thousands of dollars every months. Thanks to my system

How to use Fxcatch Robot

The Fxcatch Robot in default open each other with 35% of your investment. This can actually be alter according to the test of the trader. This can be adjusted on the “prots” at the external variable of  the robot. The prots is use to monitor the amount or quantity of money used to open a position. At such, if prots is set you don’t have to set the

lot size. But if you are trading with very little money (ie) about 100USD you may set lots or set prots at 100% since quantities less than 100USD may not be enough to open order with some brokers.

-                     Just install the Fxcatch Robot .

-                     Attach it to your chart

-                     Activate expert advisor

-                     Allow it to trade

Note: this Robot is best used on 15min  chart timeframe. You are also advise to use this robot on it default settings.




fxcatch robot

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